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Peters, T. Jr. (1996). All about Albumin. Biochemistry, Genetics, and Medical Applications. Academic Press, San Diego, CA. 452 pp. This golden standard has a recent 2nd printing and is available on ebay. It can also be purchased via:

Otagiri M., Chuang, V.T.G., Maruyama, T & Kragh-Hansen, U. (Editors). (2013). Human serum albumin. New insights on its structural dynamics, functional impacts and pharmaceutical applications. Sojo University Publishing Center, Kumamoto, Japan. 510 pp. It has 20 chapters (reviews) updating on different molecular, clinical and pharmaceutical aspects of the protein.

Otagiri M. & Chuang, V.T.G.(Editors). (2016). Albumin in medicine. Pathological and clinical applications. Springer, Singapore. 277 pp. It has 11 chapters (reviews) updating on important biological and clinical aspects of human serum albumin.


Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, General Subjects published in December 2013 a special issue called “Serum Albumin” in honor of Theodore Peters, Jr. which was edited by Alan J. Stewart. The issue has 20 reviews covering different structural and functional aspects of albumin. It can be found on:


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