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This website will feature discoveries regarding serum albumin, the most prevalent protein of the blood plasma. It will mainly focus on the genetic aspects of the protein and contains updated lists, and references, of published gene mutations leading to genetic variants of human serum albumin or to analbuminemia. Other aspects are covered more summarily. At present they are clinical use of the protein, structural aspects, ligand binding and other items of general interest regarding albumin; to some of the subjects are given links to international databases. Finally, two books about albumin and some useful reviews are listed.

The site was originated by Theodore Peters, Jr. However, management of the site has now been passed to Ulrich Kragh-Hansen, University of Aarhus, Denmark, and to Lorenzo Minchiotti and Monica Campagnoli, University of Pavia, Italy with the assistance of Pierpaola Trapani, Milan and Iris Galili, Aarhus.

Comments, corrections, and new items are welcome and can be sent to ukh@biomed.au.dk or to loremin@unipv.it.

Last modified May, 2018.

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